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Here's some main points to ensure safety of players and/or spectators, cameramen, etc.

1) Anyone on the field for any reason needs to have a red or blaze orange kill rag. If you are out or a non-combatant, this must be prominantly displayed as well as vocal indications that you're "out" or "camera" or whatever. This will save someone who otherwise may not be aware of impending attack or battle and to alert others to the situation.

2)All games should have an audible signal device present, like a marine airhorn or similar to alert players of game end, stoppage, injury, etc.

3)All game areas as well as out-of-bounds areas should be clearly marked and explained prior to game start. For larger games on larger fields, everyone should be issued an arial map with cardinal directions marked.

4)Extreme props like mortars, M72, AAA, AT-4, vehicles, etc. should be limited to experienced personnel, as well as grenades or other demo charges. These have far more kinetic energy than a simple AEG and injury is likely with young, inexperienced, nervous players.

5) Play with your mouth shut. Breathe through your nose. If you can't do this or unconciously keep openning your mouth, invest in a mouth guard.

6) Always have water and food (high sugar content) on you at all times. Never sacrifice these for ammo or weapons, no matter how short you think the game will be. Many guys have been trouble with this, especially in larger 12-24 hour games.

7) Eye protection is paramount. Good sealed goggles will not only prevent fogging, but also protect you from a stray riccochet that may penetrate safety glasses. These should be your most expensive investment, as you may need to buy several sets to find just the right ones.

8) Gear up as the weather dictates. Don't carry around 40 lbs. worth of gear when you're playing in the heat of summer, and always make sure you have warm enough clothing if you are playing through the night.

If you follow these rules, likely you won't run into any trouble, except for freak occurances.
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