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Originally Posted by |:XAS:| Bravo View Post
Whoa it would be almost a 21 hour trip from down here to Quebec. Took me 25 hours to get from VA to MN to visit my cousins.
This has nothing to do with the topic. What the focus here is not how far it is to your cousins house. If your saying you make that sort of a trip, then it should be easy for you to make the 30mins to play responsibly. Use of what appear to be real firearms in non designated areas *does* provoke Joe Public to make phone calls to authorities. They don't always know its not real, it doesn't matter if you asked the neighbor - people can see and guns make make people nervous - with the news these days, can you blame them? No, you can only prevent such mistakes from occuring by playing in designated ares. Thats the responsible thing to do, and that it seems is the point here.

Being young doesn't exhonorate anyone, though it does impair your ability to understand the point, we understand that. This is why Canadian airsoft retailers generally enforce an 18+ age limit to protect the sport here. In the States, it would seem convincing your retailers that its important to restrict access, or to have written parental consent to buy these serious replicas for their children under 18 would help things. Not sure thats even possible, but its a good start. Good Luck with your site Itsahak.
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