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Ok, so i am now a proud owner of an ICS AK74M, and all i can say is...woah...the gun feels solid and has an excellent matte finnish that gives it a real "killer" look.

In addition to the two hicaps, i also got my hands on a box of the 30 round STAR AK47 mags. The hi-caps fed reasonably well with only one or two skipped bb's, but with some good winding they managed to keep up. The STAR mags also fed well, but again, a few skipped rounds every now and again, but a small mod would be easy to make these mags sit just that little bit higher.

The gun shot nicely and had good accuracy once the barrel had been cleaned and the hop up set.

My only gripe is that after a few days worth of shooting, i had the trigger jam up on me in semi, so i flicked it to full and away she went. But now she fires in full when the selector switch is in either the full or semi positions. Safe still works. I haven't taken her apart yet, but i was just wondering if any one else had had a similar problem?

Anywhoo, up until this little issue, the gun was absolutely amazing.

*EDIT* ok, so i figured out why she was firing in full auto. i had bought an 8.4 3600 mAh, and it would seem that its just too much for her...she works perfectly fine with my 8.4 2400.

And just as a side note, if anyone has an M14, the 3600 gives her one hell...and i mean ONE HELL of a ROF lol....
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