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Check out the Archos 604 with the actioncam accessory.
avoid the 604. Its a more compact version of the 504. It has a fixed 30GB HDD and a non-removable hard drive. The nice things, has a kickstand and slightly slimmer then the 504.

I have the 504 and I recommend it over the 604 for several reasons. It uses a standard laptop harddrive. Comes in models from 40GB(I have) to 120GB. Its battery is removable, and thus, a spare can be carried with you.
Expect modders to figure out how to easily swap in a new drive.

Both the 504 and the 604 use the same screen and are basically the same.

Both use the same docking station and can use the optional($150) videocamera

Should point out that the 604 comes in a wifi version. its considerably more expensive, but it has a touch screen and wifi connectability with an Opera web browser....awesome, yes, but still limited to the 30GB HDD.

If your on a budget, the Archos 404 is also available. It is the same as the 604(same thin design and 30GB hdd)

a newly released 404cc is now out also. it has a built in camcorder on the back...not much good for airsoft, but it can also use the helmet cam attachment like the others.

check out

you can get them from futureshop to shoppers drug mart. Ranging from $270 to over $500.

If your on the budget, get the 404 30GB for $270 and order the camera for $150USD. Its the same as the 604 but smaller and a fraction of the price.

The thing with the Archos, creative Zen vison W, or other media players, is that they have a hard drive. Its great for loads of recording in awesome quality, but it is a harddrive...and its not gonna last forever if your running around...I have read several posts by people who take them jogging and are surprised when the harddrives fail.

the Archos products are the 04 models. The 604 is not better then the 504 or 404. All are about the same and built on the same design almost to a T. The only 04 thats different is the 604wifi.

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