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Originally Posted by Itsahak View Post
Thanks for the further info guys! I did find most of the answers I was looking for in the FAQ section. The only one I couldn't find was "How do the laws there affect your gaming?" I assume you have paintball fields that allow airsoft, and that you can play on private land out of sight. But you know what assumption does! And do you have issues with players gaming in their backyard? Down here is seems to be rising in occurrence, as are Law Enforcement Vs. Backyarders interactions. We are currently attempting to curb this behavior as it will spell the end of airsoft here.
It seems we are not so different from our American Cousins after all. Your right Private fields and Paint ball venues are the norm here. Playing in the backyard is a rising problem along with "softair" guns from walmart and Canadian Tire flooding the Sub urban market. Glad to hear you guy's are taking into your own hands to try and curb this unwanted behavior. Keep up the good work and Welcome to ASC.
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