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Well - some feedback (I hope you don't take offense of me posting it here)

I set the charger to 2000mA, and the Battery to 1mAH, just to test the alarm.
The alarm rang, and when I hit stop I get an error message:

Exception EAccessViolation in module ASGCalc-v2.7.exe at 0013B26.
Access violation at address 00000028. Read of address 00000028.

After which another error sound goes out, but instead of another error, the program disappears.

Also, it seems ballistics are unaffected by BB weight whatsoever. Looks like a .12g and a .43g going the same FPS will drop at the same time with no hopup...? And is there anyway to closely resemble the flight using correct hopup for the right BB weight?

Otherwise its pretty cool!

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