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well to get back on topic..
my friend(corey darling) and i were at the local wal mart and saw that yes every thing that had to do with soft air and airsoft were out in the open with a group of kids all piled around it "acting cool"... i will note this was before x-mas and that there where about 30 of the colt shotguns that corey got for xmas from his bro...

after xmas we went there to pick up another of these shotguns and found that they were completely sold out along with almost the entire stock of pisols and uzzies... but not the gogles or face masks
we both had the same thoght in our head of a group of kids running around with this stuff.. the irony is there parents prolly didnt even bother to check the boxes for the warnings as they wraped these things up for there kids.

can only hope the smart kids get them
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