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Originally Posted by mtallman View Post
Again, sorry to be blunt, but there is nothing illegal about this. I don't know where your information has come from.

Greylocks, there is nothing illegal about it. As I stated, I have a minors firearms licsense. This allows you to be in possesion, and use a non-restricted firearm without the direct supervision of someone who can legally have the gun registered to them. This also means you can store them for a legitimate use (hunting/target shooting), as verified by myself with the cfc. A firearm doesn't have to be stored with the person who it is registered with, rather it must be stored with someone who is licsensed to posess that class of firearm. If you have a minors licsense, you can thus store a non-restricted firearm for a legitimate use (hunting/target shooting in my case).

Yes, I can't own a registerable firearm on paper, but I can store one, and as you accidentaly said, I can store a non-restricted firearm and be in legal posession of it.

You must have a firearms licsense to own (FAC, POL, PAL), and a firearms licsense (Minors lic, FAC, PAL, POL) to store and use.

False. You must be there when anyone of any age without a licsense is useing a firearm. You don't have to be 'there' if they have a firearms licsense.

True. I can't "own" but I can "have" (posess, store, use) a non restricted firearm.

Again, this is fully legal, and it doesn't have to be stored to the person who it is registered to.

Again, there is nothing illegal about being in control of a non-restricted firearm if you have a firearms licsense.

Same as above.

Sorry to go to this length, I just wanted to make sure it is confirmed I am not doing anything illegal.
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