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O man... KOS thats pretty screwed up. I hope you get the shit sorted out. Heros Army Surplus eh? I'll keep in mind to never buy from them.
I do upgrades myself now, it's less costly and I know that no one is going to tamper with my gun.
If you need help with your gun KOS let me know. I work on V3 Gearboxes.
I have many professional guides on opening and upgrading your gearbox.

Originally Posted by Oddjob View Post
Aw come on Scarecrow, Hero is a great place. They sold me my first set of throwing knives when I was 13.

Last time I was in there, months and months ago, I asked Jeff where he gets his airsoft guns from. Which supplier, and does he mention that he resells them at a mark up in his store. He didnt appreciate that question and refused to answer. He needed to go sell a TM GBB to a couple ganstas anyways. At least I scared off some kid in cadets looking to buy a box of marked up IMP's.

Hahaha first set of throwing knifes. I had a butterfly knife when I was 13. Not anymore though. Now that I look back at it it was pretty dangerous and very illegal.
Heros Army Surplus should be shut down, there has been some bad rep about them before. This is not the first incident. What are IMPs?

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