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Originally Posted by as_styles View Post
I dont want a Skirmish league. Im looking to promote skilled shooting with a safer alternative to real steel. And yes we want to get more awareness, but from players.

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Safer alternative?! Safer? Look it, if they don't practice safe rules on the firing range with real-steel. What the hell is gonna make it safe if they don't practice safe rules with airsoft?!

You want a "safer alternative"? You lock up your gun, in a steel bomb proof box, burry it in the ground pour a slab of concrete over the hole and go back inside to watch the foot ball game. Because seriously, if you can't tell the difference between the black card-board cut out down range and the guy next to you? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE A GUN IN YOUR HANDS FOR?!

And if you say "Well what if you put the gun down and it tips over while you turned to do something?" Well then why did you leave the gun loaded jack-ass?

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