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Aside from the obvious reasons of not wanting more "awareness" ((Btw, paintball guns ARE on the list to be banned with that band-wagon to get all guns banned too ya know ))

There is also the fact that there REALLY isn't the people base out there for a "League". Certianly not enough for "classes" where people get into different levels of going up against the next guy. Team Vs. Team is possible maybe, but what would we need a league for that for? I mean there are teams out there that DO do drills and stuff. Teams out there that are more lax and just in it for some fun.

There are about 100 Paintballers to every ONE! Airsofter. Even that is probably still an underestimation of how many airsofters there are against Paintballers. Take Ottawa alone, there may be 50? maybe 70 of us here TOTAL that have played or know what it really is. In a city with a population of what? 600,000? Where as paintball there is about 1200 people that play the game in Ottawa. Of those 1200 is maybe 60-100 that play any "tournaments." Others just play to go have fun.

While you're doing up your business plan and looking to where your store-front is going to make its money. Look at the people base you have there, and then factore that maybe, MAYBE 30-40% will want to play in a league. And then factor that not everyone has the time/money/gear/ability to play leagues. Some people have things called jobs and no, I tried getting someone to sign me a note saying I was at a "Group Help" meeting trying to deal with an acute addiction to airsoft, it didn't work. MAYBE NEXT TIME!

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