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Originally Posted by kos View Post
I didn't know about his reputation. I had delt with him once before and everything went smoothly.

Also he told me the aug was "brand new", and fired "great". So I put a deposit on it while under the impression that it was infact new, and fired "great". If that doesn't sound like a scam to you, then I don't know what will.
Sorry Kos, I didn’t get this info in your previous posts. You actually wrote…

Originally Posted by kos View Post
“he neglected to include the state of the mechbox, and other internal parts ,when I inquired.”
which is an odd inquiry for a "brand new" item. I take it you now know for sure it was not new and did not fire great. You haven’t told us how you know this since you did not take possession of the AEG.

When I read this whole story it seems straight forward. You put $300 down payment on an AEG (+ mags, scope etc…) Later when you had second thoughts about this deal you emailed the guy asking for more info and possibly making accusations that the AEG was not in the condition he said it was when you bought it. If you have a receipt that indicates “new” you should have little concern at this point; but since no response came to your email you posted on ASC that you need help. I don’t think you even tried to phone the guy.

I grant you the guy at Hero’s overcharges his customers. I do not buy stuff there myself because I can get it cheaper elsewhere. I just can’t find any evidence in what you have posted here that he was scamming you.

Again, I am glad it worked out OK.

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