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Whole place seemed kinda shifty on my first visit, many things way overpriced (129.99 for a PB mask that I've seen at the splatters proshop being sold for 80 as just one example of many).

Think Scooby mentioned that they don't have airsoft guns in the store anymore. Jeff asked me while I was in the store making my very first visit to the store to track him down a G&P Pulse Rifle conversion kit for a thompson he has in the backroom. I directed him to ASC, he explained that he wasnt really into the "computer thing". So to be nice I made some inquiries and will be nice to also call him back today to let him know it would have to be ordered and shipped, probably not the answer he was looking for but ah well. When I heard some kid ask about Airsoft guns (And he was so obviously a kid, so no old fart jokes). Jeff said he didnt have any in stock. I also asked him directly if he sold to under 18 airsoft which I received a "No" to.

I'm going to personally stick to shopping at Army Issue for many reasons but primarly cause I trust it's owner.

Atreyu you weee Scot it's a let down cause you know you wanted to be the one to post the random "I met Zeonprime" comment yourself PFFT! hehe

well off to test some water chemistry and drink my coffee (not in that particular order)

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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