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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
My reply matches the original question in it's precision. This is not what you said at first.

If you have a problem with ASCA's speed, take it up with them. Think first, you are not the only person sending them messages.

Special order items are rarely in stock, or are limited production. Their importation issues have not really changed. As then, so it is now; not everyone can order anyway.

So sorry to tell you, but you are incorrect. And my reply still is correct even if you dont like it.
I realize my original question was too open-ended for a specific reply. I was trying to find out if ASCA's speed is the norm or just a result of the recent events. I also realize special order items are rarely in stock, otherwise they wouldn't be special order. I know they receive alot of messages, but I have pm'ed/e-mailed/telephoned. On the phone I spoke to a very helpful and polite gentleman (I don't remember his name). Before I try again, I thought I would try to research how long the wait normally is.
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