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Originally Posted by littlerobz View Post
I didn't realize on a "airsoft" website that I needed to spell it out. But for you Mr Greylocks, I will. I was asking about how long it took to special order a airsoft firearm and/or the accessories that will go with that airsoft firearm. Not everyone was able to order before the customs issue came up this time, this serious. I realize was never easy, but I also believe it wasn't this hard. Retailers use to have items in stock, did they not.

I have contacted ASC Armouries. 2 1/2 months for a qoute is excessive, don't you think.

Your standard reply is starting to be a little repetitive.
My reply matches the original question in it's precision. This is not what you said at first.

If you have a problem with ASCA's speed, take it up with them. Think first, you are not the only person sending them messages.

Special order items are rarely in stock, or are limited production. Their importation issues have not really changed. As then, so it is now; not everyone can order anyway.

So sorry to tell you, but you are incorrect. And my reply still is correct even if you dont like it.
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