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I specialize in custom hand made inert explosive training items for official use.

My website -

All my replica munitions are completely inert, Dummy, faux, fake...

I Supply Military, Law Enforcement, Government agencies, Security companies, Training facilities, Museums, explosives industry professionals, TV, Film & Movie props.

I have been contacted numerous times to build custom props for Military & law enforcement training facilities, as well as tv & movie productions. I have numerous open projects all the time. Visit my website to see prices, photos, and current items & projects...

*I am aware of the new Canadian POST regulations concerning the shippments of replica munitions or explosives as discussed in other threads. This new postal regulation has absolutely no effect on FedEx or UPS shipments.

FYI - I am located in USA. All shippments sent from me, to Canada are shipped via UPS or FedEx. Buyers pay all s/h fees.

I have done work for;

California Prop suppliers
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney Land
Without A Trace - CBS studios
RENDITION - New Line Productions, Avery Pix., Inc
The Especial Effects Company (UK)
Zigmont Magic F/X
Orion Pyrotechnics
Jubilee Fireworks (UK)
Armory Airsoft
Strategic Operations
& Countless Government agencies, Military, EOD, Law Enforcement, Bomb Squads, Security companies, Training facilities, and explosives industry professionals.

I will add more credits as I organize them all.

I can be contacted by email for any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Need INERT Explosives Training Props?
email me directly -
or, visit my website:

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