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"Prove to me that it was my installation of the mechbox into the body rather than the mechbox itself. When the mechbox was not properly tested by
the one performing the upgrades. Furthur more, had it been made clear to me what was required before hand. A Garage would tell you to come back
with a rim, or try to get you one ordered if you go in to have them put air into it. Mechanics are ussually pretty smart and don't like to sit with a hose
trying to fill up a tire that obviously would not take air. Look, I have no previous statement telling me what was required before hand. Also, a garage wont
accept 20 cars when they only have 2 bays and so on. They will inform you that they are too busy for the day to get to it anytime soon. Not accept the car,
later give you a novel of how hard they are working 15 hours a day and still not getting around to your car cause there is a "line-up." Understandably
schedules change, and airsoft can be a little different in comparison to a garage. But a garage will keep extra parts handy, spark plugs, oil, seals, etc etc.
You'd think in a shop so full of such parts there is not one kicking around?

As stated many times, this is a thread about miss-communication and a deal that to my opinion went horribly south. The gun kept getting put off, and excuse
after excuse came to get it done. A time frame was made, but not kept, a new revised time frame was made, not kept. Yet another revised time-frame was made
and yet again another time frame was not met. If this was a contractor to a house, he'd have some angry clients sitting out front in the cold waiting for
their house. More than enough time was given for him to let me know what he needed. I had given to him the mechbox which he had for 3 months and that was
given back after such a time, and at this point no word of what he would had needed to test it. So after getting the rest of the parts in for the gun, ie.(
pistol grip, stock and a battery for the gun), I assembled it to find that all the mechbox didn't work right. After making contact with him at this point he
said to just bring it back, "Okay cool, get it fixed, no problem right?" By this time most of the gun was assembled anyway so everything was there that he
"needed" and still was not asked to bring anything specific this time. However again it started with the time frames being made and later revised. Instead of
"Sorry, I just don't have the time to do this at the moment, if you want to contact someone else then let me get you back your gun." No, I get "I'm sorry I
work three jobs and 15 hours a day." To which I must ask myself, "If this is the case than why do you accept the airsoft guns to fix if you have no time?"
Really it should be as simple as, "Sorry, I do appollogize, with out such and such parts I really couldn't test it properly at the time and now my schedule
is too packed to really get a look at it any time soon." And then I could just try to find someone who can help me with this.

Then, as stated a number of times now, I come here to make this post to express my frustration with this transaction. We talk some more after, and we both
agree that I'll get my gun back, and my money back aswell. But then I get the message from him that he is not returning what he thought was a "pre-payment"
for fixing this problem. Well, why would I pay him to fix the problem, when I made said payment when I got the mechbox back? Furthur more, why would I pay
a pre-payment to a problem 'before' it occurs. I'd like my money back, because I was promised a service that was not delivered. Most of you stand on the
basis that this is my fault that the service 'he' promissed was not delivered. But, if he had told me that he required these parts to test his work, then I
would have had the ability to get him said parts. But with out this knowledge, how can I be to blame when he tells me later that he never got to fully test
it? Because he never told me to bring in these parts.
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