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Originally Posted by Krookedatmosphere View Post

later returned home to put the gun back togather only and to only find out s couple of months down the road when i went to use it that it didnt work...
Statute of limitations should apply there, mate. It's not Manchovie's fault you don't play with your kit for months, and he certainly has no responsibility over what happens in that time.

Moreover, once he hands you the gearbox and you accept it, his end of the bargain is done. You pay, you leave, everyone's happy. End of transaction. He has no obligation to you afterwards. In fact, he had no obligation to test your gun for you upon delivery, because you didn't bring your kit. It's not his fault you packed light. If you want your gun tested and your money shown for bang, then take some responsibility upon yourself and bring your kit there. Given the scale of Manchovie's operation, I don't think he'd have spare gun shells just lying around waiting to be drop-tested, nor could he possibly have all the same parts as your "custom build".

Your analogy with the flat tire would be as follows: you bring in your flat tire, without the rim/wheel in it, and ask for it to be patched up. You pick up the fixed tire, again without a wheel, and take it home. Several months later, you decide to finally mount your fixed tire to a wheel and put it back on the car, whereupon you find it flat. The tire fixer is not responsible for what has happened to the tire in those months between fix and mounting.

Originally Posted by Krookedatmosphere View Post
all i want is my money back for the install of the parts as something isnt working right inside the mechbox so i can use the money to give to other gun doctor that i know to fix the problem. you agreed to that and now backing out cause you thought it was something else.
Can you prove beyond a doubt that it's the gearbox problem, and not something you did during reassembly?

Moreover, can you prove that you yourself didn't fiddle with the gearbox in between Manchovie's times? How do we know you didn't just bang the box a little too much and now want someone else to tab your mistake?

Originally Posted by Krookedatmosphere View Post
what is so wrong with that i dont want money back for the time it took him i want it for the problem with the mechbox
Uh... because it's the same thing?

Time it took for him to install it is the installation fee. You want the money you spent for the alleged problem with your gearbox, which in other words is the installation fee.
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