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well, this situation just took a turn for the gayer... express-lane straight to turdstown and i'm afraid there's no exits. the true, no bs story is as follows:

-i advise krooked for a few hours and help him choose parts to install in his aeg
-i pick up the parts for him, and recieve his internals in a bag with a request to upgrade the mechbox
-i do the work after some time because i was busy, but kept in touch and returned it to the customer for the standard fee of $40 plus parts. i warn him that i couldnt test and to keep in touch in case he has issues.
-issues arise and the gun is brought to the store while i wasnt around, this was however discussed over IM and a quote for further labor was discussed.
-i get paid for a different upgrade when i return to the store but accidentally think it's prepayment for the repair work on this one (my bad)
-i was told on christmas friday that the gun needed to be finished for saturday so i frantically drag myself to the store to find it closed early for the holidays with none of the owners available to let me in and do the work. my little sister's present buying was moved till after the holidays, merry christmas man.
-i return and explain the situation and apologize over im (krooked was afk)
-i come home and this thread is born
-we discuss what to do, he wants his gun back. no problem. he wanted his money back. no problem (i am thinking it was the "pre-payment"). i realize there might be confusion so the next time i was hassled by him on msn, i asked:


manchovie (extraordinaire)


so did u talk to the store about e picking it up

manchovie (extraordinaire)

it's not open yet

i told you not to worry about it


manchovie (extraordinaire)

did you leave money for this repair session?

or did you want a refund for the work i did a long time ago

refund for the work before that u said you wouldrefund since the mechbox didnt function

manchovie (extraordinaire)

lol my bad i thought you left money with the gun for THIS repair

i'm not going to refund the last money

i did the work, it cost me time

the fact i couldnt test properly was YOUR fault

that cost me MORE time

why do i owe you?

do to the upgrade not working

manchovie (extraordinaire)

i couldve caught whatever problem it was if i had the whole aeg, hence me asking for it the second time around

sorry man, i owe you nothing. i was going to do the upcoming work for a lower price, in fact you were given a quote when we were arranging it and i was planning to lower it further because it was late

its not my fault it didnt work i was missing a prt when i brought you the whole gun when i cam to pick upp the mechbox so you should of said something then but you didnt so you said if u have any problems to let you know

manchovie (extraordinaire)

but i was not going to do it for free, nor was i going to return the money for the initial upgrade

because that's bogus

i'm posting this conversation in the thread

it's gone beyond reason

now youre just bullying me

and there you have it folks. i hoped it didnt resort to it being my turn to complain, i was going to let this thread slide but it's gone beyond the possibility of harming my service to taking money i rightfully earned (this is not a big deal, happens all the time but STILL).
worst of all making me question continuing providing a service few are capable of providing, wasting my time and the time of others (i'm talking hours and hours. you know who you are) and being completely not understanding, approaching everything the way a spoiled child would, expecting fate to shower him with gifts. worst part is that if i had got the whole thing done on time, rush job, repair as opposed to upgrade (can be very time consuming) would he seriously have refused to pay me on pickup? it boggles the mind!

here's the bottom line: there was no second fix. i was not paid for a second fix. i offered to get it running, but we agreed to return the aeg. i owe you nothing, quit crying.

PS merry christmas and congratulations to krooked atmosphere on his promotion to 2nd in command of FORCE 32!!!!

PPS i just noticed the times in the conversation are all over the place. you need not worry, this IS actually a linear convo, completely unedited. my msn client is just a little retarded and i'm too lazy to remove all the times.
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