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Originally Posted by Corey Darling View Post
my bro got me a soft air shotgun from fall-apart-mart

i was sceptical, but it actually fires extremely well. with its .12 g bbs, they rake up. so i tried my .25g ksc bbs and it fires beautifully!
just about the same range as a stock p90
accuracy is good too, and has triple rails to put a sight on.

comes with 2 mags, a pistol mag shaped loader, and a sling

i think i may actually paint the clear parts black and try it at a game lol. not bad for 70 bucks

A post like that is only gonna make more trouble then needed, nothing against you Corey, but this thread is made up of one post like that, and 100 posts ripping it appart. I pose another vote to lock and do whatever with this thread.
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