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Originally Posted by Hunter Killer View Post
Your all acting like you have not done anything stupid when you were little or growing up. We have all done stupid thing when we were growing up. when im 16 i plan on attending a couple of games and maybe if im lucky rent an airsoft weapon. Wehn im 18 years of age i really want to get into this sport. Beleave it or not, some younger kids/teens are responsible!
The laws dont give a damn about how mature you are. The cutoff age is 18, just like voting, when you become Legally Responsible for yourself.

So how about you show the MATURITY you claim to have and respect those laws?

You live in Ottawa? Nice of you to tell everyone how you feel. You do know that pretty much the only places you can play in Ottawa require 18+, and to make your day even more special... there are at least 3 age-verifiers in the region? One of whom OWNS the Foxden game site?
You just shot off your mouth to the wrong crowd. Use your maturity to wait three years.

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