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Originally Posted by -Number7- View Post
Well I can see that people are quite ....... devoted to the fact that they can't risk even the most responsible of us to have a simple (Spring shottie in my case) Airsoft gun. Well If I wait till I am 18 then get one will you all stop buggin me! lol Im jk I totally understand but I suppose I have just waited so long to get one since i wanted one that I guess I got a bit desperate. Waiting may be the best thing for all. But all in all I HAVE read the FAQ so I understand any risks.
That's like saying let a 14 yr old get their driver license just because he/she's mature. Or buy smokes and booze for a 16 yrs old because he/she is mature. Similar analogy.

If you can't even follow rules and wait, then would that really make you mature?
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