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Corey Darling
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Hey ibby

this was a project to see if i could do it. I've yet to spend the money on the infared gear. (about 500$) I have a binocular eye mount display at the moment. and am planning on getting a single see-through eye mount screen if i decide to blow more money on this. (kind of like Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter game) Was more for halloween than anything, and figured it be fun to play with, especially in paintball. (my brother got knocked out by a PB once hehe, and it was a night game, so thats where this idea sprung up). Was planning to mount all the lithium batterys, radio, and even a hydration pack in the backpack portion of the armour. (lots of hollow room in there) all with just 2 tubes leading to the helmet over the back of my neck.

As for turning stuff on and off. I was thinking the IR/night camera could be activated automatically with a photo sensor. that way, say i come into a bright building from outside, it will automatically turn off. the visible lights will just have a small rubber button on the side of the helmet. where they are mounted. just dreaming at this point lol. My dad is a marine radar bridge tech, so he can help me out with the electonic side of things

As for the customs, PM'd
talk to ya later


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