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Originally Posted by Corey Darling View Post
Planning on mounting white/blue led lights on left side, infared leds on right with low light camera for night games. image will be visible in hemlet.
I'm gonna ask, why? You're going to have another piece of kit to deal with (switching the lights on and off) as well as an image right in front of your eyes that needs to be turned on and off, all mounted to a helmet that's stuck to your head. There's a reason that in the real world NVG equipment is flip up or weapon mounted. This system's got a pretty big look cool factor, but it seems like a lot of kit for the trouble. Trust me on this, playing with extra kit and toys in a game gives your opponent loads of time to kill you.

(On a side note, I'm still very curious how your father got your airsoft guns into Canada without going through a Canadian customs agent.)
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