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Hey Groombug there is one possibility that you missed. I wonder what make the body is. He said here that its a custom build so there are alot of people to get bodies from.

We've had trouble with CA bodies when using any other manufactures mechbox. Guns like Testtubes on team OOPS here are made of different companies parts and not that it was impossible just a pain in the butt. But you could take his mechbox out, slap it into any of the other bodies we have and it works great. In the CA body there is a screw/washer thing in the back of the mechbox that you can adjust the position of the box itself. And if its not properly aligned the gun will act the same way yours does.

I don't know much about manchovie or his abilities to fix/repair guns. But he certianly could have that mechbox running sweet and just because its not sitting right in your gun, could make it fire like crap.

My questions are, one you havn't yet stated what kind of gun it is. I assume its a colt by your sig tags, but still would help. Also there are a huge number of things that could be the reason for it not working. Second question is what kind of body do you have? If its a colt, is it a CA? and I can answer your problems right now.

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