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Originally Posted by Groombug View Post
Gearboxes don't go from working to not-working simply by changing hands.
Funny thing is, that actually DOES happen on occasion. I remember Shagg giving me his M4 to install a Guarder FTK into one day, I got it all installed, and ran a good 6-7 lowcaps through it and it worked just fine. I gave it back to him, he test fired it a few days later, the gun cycled, shot a BB, then seized on him. I got it back and went through the fine troubleshooting, found that the grooves on the side of the piston were slightly tight on the rails inside the Hurricane mechbox. That was what happened, the piston got pulled back then seized in place. I used a sharp chisel to shave plastic off the inside of the piston grooves til it slid nicely, reassembled and went through another 7-8 locaps without problems.

My point being, AEGs are afraid of me.
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