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Krooked, I know we've been on speaking terms for a long time, and although we have had dialogue much longer than I have had with Manchovie... I must say, that based on your input in this thread, I would not put any blame on Manchovie. There seems to be further problems in play for your gearbox beyond Manchovie's control.

I have been in his shoes before, and since then, I have always quoted to all my clients that if I just get the gearbox, I can only claim the gearbox itself can work fine (given that I'm also provided with a pistol grip and motor.) If I'm not provided with a gun, I can provide zero guarantees to the functionality of the gun and is only limited to what other parts of the installation are provided to me.

Regardless... from what I've read from this thread so far... for what it's worth: everything said in here could have been solved through private contact. What you did in here was essentially slag him and drag his name through the mud. And for what? As far as I can see, it was for no solid reason. I'd like to see this thread not continue further with the bashing of his name without solid grounds. There ARE situations out there that demand exceptions to the rule, and this looks like one to me based on both your story and his. If this thread continues without any solid evidence, I WILL close it - but will keep it available for viewing for all readers to make their own judgements based on the information provided.

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