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The problem is not from me installing the mechbox into the aeg i have done plenty of times with my other aegs. I sent Manchovie the mechbox in the begining to get the internals upgraded. I was building a custom gun for this mechbox so all the parts were not in yet at the time of the work done on my mechbox. He then never said anything about wanting a complete aeg to do testing on it otherwise i could of brought him the parts since he had it for 3 months.. when i did come to finally pick up the mechbox from ASCA store i brought the parts the only thing i forgot was my inner barrel and grip. I ended up buying a inner barrel there and he then could of tested it. and in fact i told you about needing this back and running for last week but u didnt have time to do it so give the excuse i told you i needed it just yesterday. I would love to have my money back for the cost of the repair and take it to another gun doctor who would fix this and then can explain what the problem was. and not from installing the mechbox into the body.
so if we could arrange a time when i can get my money back and my aeg they way i brought it to you that would be great
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