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hey, sorry about the late reply, and the late repair. krooked atmosphere's complaint is a two parter, there were two labor sessions on his aeg. the first of which was a parts install in a mechbox in which i received a mechbox but no aeg. no testing could actually be performed so i take no responsibility for the results of the upgrade. apparently the gun failed after mechbox install by the client (improper assembly?) so after a few months it came to the armoury complete with gun. at this point there was a fair lineup due to a heavy demand for upgrades/repairs due to the holiday buying season and start of the winter gaming schedule. i was in touch with krooked the whole time and unfortunately had to keep moving back the expected completion date of his gun.
today i found out it was needed for saturday the 23rd (tomorrow) with a fair amount of anger. i offered to drop by the store after my resposibilities and skip his upgrade ahead of those of previous customers so that it'd be ready for his team practise. after finding out the store is closed early due to holidays, i politely let him know and later returned home to find this thread.
i'm not providing an upgrade/repair service to make a million dollars, i figure that it's my duty to the community to contribute. i don't keep my techniques a secret, in fact anyone is welcome to watch me repair their gun. there aren't many airsoft mechanics in this country so i take time out of my busy life (3 jobs, not to mention returning to school in the new year) to do my part for the airsoft community, which i love. if you missed your team practise as a result of being in line i apologize. i have no problem working on your gun, in fact i would love to have it purring and on the field, but if you can't live with me not riding your ass the same way you ride mine you can find another gun smith. i can finish the aeg by next week like i told you or i can return it with your payment, this is zero skin off of my back.
also, what can other people possibly contribute to YOUR experience with me? why not let them talk about their positive experiences (there are hundreds by now) the same way you talk about your negative one? who could possibly rightly contribute if they follow your rules, god forbid they blemish YOUR reputation the same way you're attempting to publicly blemish mine?

i'm sad it had to come to this, and that this thread exists to begin with, and feel bad about whoever wasted his time looking at it.

PS merry christmas
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