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Originally Posted by Krookedatmosphere View Post
I bought some gun parts and internals and brought them to Manchovie for him to put together. Once I finally got the mechbox back, it didn't work at all...........
now please stop spamming my thread. That is your experience, so how does it relate to my problem
Unless you really describe how it malfunction, we can't really say anything. Do you just want us to join your bashing without knowing the situation some more? Did you install your mechbox properly, did you test the mechbox on the spot when Bartek finished it, etc etc?

I have a mechbox with Bartek right now under repairs, he's been very prompt in terms of how the repair is going and what he suggests to replace to ensure the life of the mechbox internals. My experience with him is pretty good so far.

Just understand the fact Gun Doctors aren't exactly full time jobs, it pays a bit as compensation for using up their spare time, but it's nowhere near to be a job to pay the mortgage or feed the family.
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