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What are your specific technical complaints? Are you sure that your mechbox was installed correctly in your gun? There are many ways for a perfectly functional mechbox to be installed in a manner which causes problems for the operation of the whole gun. It is very difficult to troubleshoot an assembly which has been installed into a greater mechanism by remote means.

Manchovie actually does have obligations to three employers at this time. Usually he's pretty quick with repairs, but stock outages on certain parts may delay his work.

While Manchove does do repairs at ASCA, ASCA does not take responsibility for his work. It's not because we don't trust his work. We're unable to properly deal with the variances in labor charges. Initial job quotes can go wrong when unexpected problems are encountered so we (ASCA) are not able to directly offer Manchovies repair work. It's messy having a mechanic communicate through the store to a customer. It's more transparent to have him deal with the customers and work out quotes directly so we only supply parts for repairs as a third party. Also, employing Manchovie as a mechanic would require that we mark up his labor to the customer. We prefer to not take that margin and offer Manchovie's direct labor costs to the customer which is better for both parties in the end.
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