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Bad Gun Fixes...

I bought some gun parts and internals and brought them to Manchovie for him to put together. Once I finally got the mechbox back, it didn't work at all. I then took it back to him at ASCA to have him fix it, and gave it to HonestJohn who took it on Manchovies behalf. According to ASCA, they don't have anything to do with Manchovies gun repairs, but he uses thier store to fix guns. In the last 3 weeks, I spoke to him over msn, and he told me he was working 3 jobs, and didn't know if he would have time to fix it. Now he tells me he doesn't have the time. My issue is if he says he can fix a gun in a timeframe, he should do it, and if he's working 3 jobs at once, he should tell the people who come to him for help. I have heard several other stories about Manchovie like this from a few other people, that I'm not going to name here. I strongly advise people who are thinking of having work done by Manchovie to get a firm time estimate from him before agreeing to get the work done, and make sure he sticks to it. I ask the mods to not delete this thread because I speak the truth, and deleting it would suggest covering up a friends mistake at the expense of his "client". I don't have ill will against manchovie, but I don't like his lack of respect for his work.
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