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Originally Posted by mtallman View Post
Well, I'm 16 and I have a .22, 12 guage, and .303, but I'm too "Immature" to own a little airsoft gun

Yes, I've take the hunter safety and CFSC.

I think, as well, that the requirement should be a firearms licsense to buy airsoft guns. I've seen some idiot 25 year olds running around the parks, and who aren't mature enough to have their own apartment. But it doesn't matter that they have taken no safety courses because they are obiously mature enough.

And I know the local Canadian Tire sells bb/pellet guns/knives to minors with a firearms licsense.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't get a PAL until your 18...unless you are a Status Indian.

Correct me if im wrong, but you can't own a .22, a 12 gauge, and a .303 if your're 16.

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