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Yeah I understand real guns are like that, it's sad to watch our interest plunder into the dirt because of immature uneducated kids. I am one but at least I know how to handle a gun. If only there was some sort of way to prove they were responsible enough to handle one. But forcing every body who is going to buy or use one to take a polygraph isn't exactly .... normal for lack of a better word.[
If you pass the CFSC, you then know how to safetly handle/store/care for/use guns. Considering airsofters are also into firearms, this would be an easy eay to tell if a person is responsible enough.

But, on the other hand, I'm disturbed at several members of this board who think the Liberals should ban "real" guns, because real guns are evil, and airsofts are toys. Guess what? The second real guns are banned, airsoft is gone too....rather, the re-election of the Liberals will mean the eventual death of shooting sports (including airsoft) in Canada.
I am under 18, and I am trusted with a real gun, but not an airsoft gun :wink:

Making up federal laws is the Federal Government's job
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