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Post U.S. news affect laws up here?

This is a newspaper clipping my dad brought home for me. You may or may not have read it, anyway I will post the main points of the clipping and a summary at the end.

"Realistic toy guns pose problems for schools.

Popular new pellet guns that look just like lethal weapons have gotten at least one teen killed in Florida and caused scares at schools around the U.S. in recent months.
Quote: "The replicas don't really give our police officers time to think about, 'is this, or is it not, an airsoft weapon* (Not gun)?'"said a police spokesman.
((US only)) some people remove or blacken the orange tips. !!! That was the case last January in Seminole County, Fla., where 15-year-old Christopher Penly wasshot to death by a SWAT officer while brandishing an airsoft pistol at a school. The muzzle of the 9-mm look-alike had been painted black.
Minnesota law already makes it a crime to have a fake gun on school property.

Some other local goverments are moving in the same direction.
After a 14-year-old boy with a BB gun was shot and wounded by police in Chicago over the summer, city council banned BB and pellet guns. And officials in Beaverton, Ore., are considering a ban on Airsoft guns.

President and owner of Minnesota Airsoft Association, said airsoft guns NEED to be handled with care by teens and parents should get involved.
"Airsoft guns aren't toys. They really shouldn't be treated like that. They should be treated with the same respect as a real firearm."


I removed some names but that is the most part of the clipping. The top shows two teens who look... kinda drunk actually, and like perhaps they shouldn't even own them, holding airsoft guns.

Kids who seem to think that showing off their airsoft guns is a must is causing some problems. My favorite part is the quote at the end of the clipping. It makes a very true point. Kids think that because they are less likely to seriously harm someone it is fine to parade around in public with them.

Im mainly worried at how this will affect laws up here.
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