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Yeah I understand real guns are like that, it's sad to watch our interest plunder into the dirt because of immature uneducated kids. I am one but at least I know how to handle a gun. If only there was some sort of way to prove they were responsible enough to handle one. But forcing every body who is going to buy or use one to take a polygraph isn't exactly .... normal for lack of a better word.

My dad has absolutely no doubt that I would be fine to have an airsoft gun, I spent a month researching them and I showed my research to my dad to convince him. But in the end he said the main problem was not with me, but he was worried about that one idiot in a game who will spoil it all. So instead I said, "Don't worry they can't change me XD besides I wouldn't even play a game till I was 16 maybe older.
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