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I will say this : The group always pay for the dumbess and stupidess.

In the army boot camp, the group always pay for the slowest or fatess guy.

In school the class. the teacher must ajust himself to the less good grades kids.

In life, we have law against drinking and driving, not becose everybody know thats just stupid but becose of the 1 or 2 stupid one that drink and drive.

In aisroft it's the same. Not all under 18 kids are dumb and irresponsible but you will pay for the 2 kids that got airsoft gun and shot an old lady down the streets.

I'm a hunter since 14yo, and i must say that saying im a hunter im responsible is not true. I know a bunch of hunter who are not responsible in their hunting activities. They drink and carry loaded riffle in their truck..... I don't but i pay for all the dumbess hunter out there.

I'm 27 now and i wont play airsoft with a under 18 not becose he is under 18 but becose is not an adult. If a it someone in the face by accident, im not afraid to see his parents call the police on me or even comme see me to give me some bullshit.

But i must say, i know kids under 18 that are muchmore responsible than over 21yo.......

Hey, thats what it is living in a civilisation.


EDIT : Im sorry for my spelling, i'm a french Canadian and i do my best to be comprehensible by the english comunity.
I'll be back!


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