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Originally Posted by Danger_Doom View Post
I understand kids can get hurt using a bb gun or softair gun but dont you guys remember wanting "official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle"????? Then when you got it, or something close to it, you probbably shit your pants with joy. I bet some of you farmboys got 22s to shoot gophers and such. This shouldint be as big of a problem as you guys are making it. some of you guys are thinking like soccermoms. let kids climb trees and do dumb things. I mean how many of you didint play with fire or knives or whatever at a young age . If you can honestly say you didint, I feel sorry for you.
I kinda agree, but when kids (I know I'm a kid :P but w/e) get to playing around with real firearms, even 22's, bad things happen. Bad things happen with everything, I was at a pipeband practice the other day and one of my buddies got his head cut open because one of us hit him in the head with our bass drone... We were out hunting one day and my friends dad brought his 14 year ol along, he wanted to shoot the "ice in the water", and even after we all said no, he did it anyway... I doubt he's coming along again.
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