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I dont belive all young kids are irresponsible, their parrents know what their kids mentality is like, they should know weather or not they can handle something like this. I agree, if your 13 or 14 I'm not sure why your parrents would get you a soft air gun or a pelet gun let alone put your hands on a real firearm. Shit I wasnt allowed to touch a pelet gun till I was 16 and my parrents were still fighting with me to let me get it.

I mean if the kids are going to take these things to their acerage and shoot each other with soft air guns under adult supervision then I have no problems with it. However if their going to get given these guns, then allowed to run around and tape themselves shooting someones house while their parrents stay inside and do nothing about it, then no, they shouldnt have them.
Insane, did you just totally try to shoot me?
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