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Originally Posted by somedude View Post
I'm 14, and own 2 soft air guns and they are POS IMO and im looking forward to when i can actually buy a real air soft gun. I'd stop with all the "13 year old's are imature and will never be capable to handle a airgun properly" I've taken my hunters education course and have hunted with an airgun and real firearm before and only fight with soft air guns on our farmland. Some soft air guns break 350 fps with .20's so they are stronger than you think. Whenever i fight i use ski-goggles or something relativley protective.

Just wanted to put that out there.
I here you man, I'm 16 and I've taken my Hunters Ed. course, I have my PAL and FAC licences... I always treat all my guns like real ones. I only have a TM MK23 Socom pistol right now, but I never even put my finger in the trigger guard untill I'm ready to fire... Hell, I have an elastic band gun (lol) and I treat it like a real gun...

I've always thought that the rule should be 18+ or Hunters Ed. course + FAC to buy guns in canada. Possibly get verified by showing your FAC... To bad it will never happen

I can see why though, you can never tell who has the smarts to actualy know what to do... I might be joining the reserves, I'm sure that they will drill even more safety rules into me... Plus, I hunt with my dad and his friend, who used to be in the US Rangers as a Sniper, He also used to teach hand to hand combat in the Navy Seals, He always "teachs" me a leason when I do something wrong with a firearm...

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