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Originally Posted by somedude View Post
I'm 14, and own 2 soft air guns and they are POS IMO and im looking forward to when i can actually buy a real air soft gun. I'd stop with all the "13 year old's are imature and will never be capable to handle a airgun properly" I've taken my hunters education course and have hunted with an airgun and real firearm before and only fight with soft air guns on our farmland. Some soft air guns break 350 fps with .20's so they are stronger than you think. Whenever i fight i use ski-goggles or something relativley protective.

Just wanted to put that out there.

So, where are we going to read next that you got shot in a hunting accident? You think its easy to say "Shit, I'm responsible, I can handle it!"

This kid is only 14! I've seen 31 year old's say this and still get themselves shot. Two years ago we had a kid that came up, who decided that since he was responsible enough he was going to load to semi-auto .308's and fire from his dad's truck. To top it off the direction he was shooting in, had a farm house on the other side of the fucking hill!

Responsible puts the gun down. And no, we're not quiting with the "blame all 13 year olds," Because its easier to pass off anyone over 18 that does something stupid as an idiot, but a kid might not have known better and thought that it made him super "responsible."

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