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I checked my email this morning from Shanghai and I recieved a email from Michael, who is the one from Ontario that ordered.

I asked permittion to post up his email here, and here it is!

Have a read.
I noticed your thread in this forum.

I am the "Ontario Experimental Order" Sam mentioned. I'm a 20 year old student at McMaster University. My name is Michael ********.

Sam is a thief. He steals from Canadians, plain and simple, by not sending the packages at all. 100% profit. I paid, and then he ignored me. Just like he ignored you.

If he sent them, he would give us either a shipping receipt or a tracking number, which we would enter in here firm and it would tell us where our packages are.

He didn't because he never sent the packages.

A while ago ordered a cheap (~$20) gun from the states that got caught at the border - Customs Canada sent me a detailed letter less than 2 months after I ordered.

I paid $150 for my gun. He stole it from me straight up. I want my money back, and I bet you want yours back too.

Lets keep in touch, if one of us gets info lets share it with the other, ok?

Hope you get your gun or your money,
Like myself, he hasn't recieved any information regarding the product since shipping. Not a box, a seizure notice, or an explanation.

I do not believe this is extending into the south, as Sam does still have a business there (, but I would recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing from Sam would express extreme caution.

I say this because before my order was placed, up until the point I sent him the payment, there seemed to be no problem or lack of communication. It was not until the end of the week that it started to go sour.

From Shanghai, China,
Go to bed, ya'll!
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