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I figured I might as well upload the one airsoft video I made about a year ago. Lots of noobs that game, myself being one of them. I just sort of went into Xtreme-Tactics, our local indoor airsoft facility, with my camera. It's poor quality because I used my shitty camera out of fear it would get shot. I wasn't playing at the time, just following people around with the camera. They play music there during games, so I muted it and added my own selection, but at the same time that cuts out any of the gun sounds.

To sum it up, it's a shitty video, but it IS airsoft and not a 'drive by *****'...

I got a new cam that I plan on taking into the field next season, and probably into XT again as soon as I get something to protect the lens. Take a look and check out the one and only manitoba indoor airsoft facility. Anyways, here it is:

YouTube - Airsoft at Xtreme-Tactics
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