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It might be a bit ugly, but I think its bad ass.

M4a1 with a deagle? lol thats freaking cool.

Its like a flashlight that shoots back.

BUT! Ive seen better, in Full Metal Panic (I know its an anime but this idea was so good I had to bring it up) the good guys use this weapon, its so genius! I can't believe its not used today!

Il try to find a picture, but if not il draw it instead...

Ok I have to draw it, now bear with me, the flashy colours is so you guys can understand my drawing, and its done in paint so forgive me, if my scanner worked id draw it on paper and if I had a tablet, it would be prettier.

(2 links so if one doesnt work, hopefully the other will)

It would be cool to do with airsoft, but would be complicated, and where would you find an optical camera?
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