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Importers for movie prop

Well, finally my dream of going into the movie business is coming true.
But with that comes some issues, namely props. I need AK-47s, about a dozen of them. I figure 3 or so TM ones will be needed as well as some movie prop ones.
I just don't want this stuff halted at the border and loose a bunch of money (not the airsoft, ill get that through ASCA), so anyone know of any importers that will do this for me?

first of to the flamers: No, this is not for an amateur movie. This will on a closed set. The permits will be in place, as well as some form of law-enforcement monitoring over the props.

If there is no importers, I will have to just apply for the Theatrical business firearms licence, but that takes a crapload of time wasted that I could be filming in, and the summer doesnt last long here.

Another thing is for the smarter people that read my profile, no I am not 18, and this is an entrepenuerial business. I know a respected member of the airsoft community that will be in possession and control of the props and airsoft version until we turn 18 at which time they will become proporty of our production company.
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