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Originally Posted by HaZarD SFD View Post
wtf this about?
My wife, is a finalist in an international writing contest called American Title III. It is based on American Idol. There are ten finalists and once a month they reveal a new part of her novel, the judges (based on Simon, Paula and Randy) make comments, and votes are cast on the internet as to who you want to stay. Each voting period is two weeks, and the lowest two vote getters get punted. The links are in the original post above.

When I started to ask the Airsoft community for votes I promised that if my wife made the top half of the contest that my law firm would sponsor two Ontario teams for the 2007 season. A number of people who were kind enough to vote for her outside of Ontario expressed the concern that limiting the benefits to Ontario teams was unfair. I have considered this and am now planning to split the prize into one sponsorship for an Ontario team and one sponsorship for an event with national attraction or relevance. The details of the potential "national" event are still loose, and if they do not come together I will return to my original offer of two Ontario team sponsorships.

This is the round that if my wife goes through she will be in the top half of the contest and thus I would deliver on my promises to the community.

If you want to vote for her send an e-mail to with ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS (the title of her novel) in the subject line.


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