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Originally Posted by Maverick0 View Post
Lol, that's pretty funny... One of those road trip momments. I still think you get a better reaction yelling 'fuck you' as though you were asking a question... C'mon, who hasn't yelled ***** out of a moving car?
I have, great way to thoss a curveball at people who bitch at you and flip the bird at you because you got offended they cut you off. The woman's reaction was horror! Hey, she cut us off because we wouldn't let her drive over the sidewalk, then she got pissed at us? Pfft, fuck her with my big *****!!!!! Then again, she looked like a hoodrat, so screw it.

Ya, sitting in the back of the car with Crab that day was constant fun (ok, 2.5hrs to the field, 2.5 back the next day). Yelling ***** out the window is one thing, but yelling "I AM AN IDIOT!!!!"............... Man, Droc deserves a plaque or something for that one. Maybe stand up a banana in a bowl of rainbow salad and have it bronzed. Ya, that's the ticket!
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