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Once more into the breech for Mrs. Lawdog


I am pleased to advise that due to your votes Kim is through to the final six of the American Title III contest.

Voting opens again today and as always you can vote for Kim by sending an e-mail to with ONE SHOT TWO KILLS in the subject line.

This is going to be a tough round for us as many of our voters are usually business contacts who will not be available over the next two week voting period. That means your vote will count more than ever. Iíd even ask that you consider getting a couple of your friends to vote for Kim as well.

The other exciting news is that Kim now has her dynamic website on line at . Since we are both new to the website world we'd be pleased to receive your comments.

If you want to read the judgesí comments on Kimís story summary visit It seems the judges have turned the corner on her work.

This is the BIG ROUND for airsoft folks. If she gets through she is in the top half and I'll be delivering on my previous promises. Due to popular demand one of the team sponsorships may turn into sponorship of an event with a national flavour, but I am playing phone tag with the organizers on that. If we make it through this round my firm will definately be sponsoring at least one Ontario team and a national event, or two Ontario teams.

Thanks for all your help.

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