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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I wouldn't buy a stick of gum from those asshats. Always have been rip off artists with no ethics and always will be.

heh heh heh... that just reminds me of a surplus store here in town that when I went in looking for gear and he figured out that I was an airsofter; he decided to go into the details of how "illegal" airsoft was and all this stuff. Sat there listening and just waited for him to end. My response was that I'd checked with members of my family who are in the RCMP first before even looking here. But my favorite was when he told me that the green gas that the pistol use is illegal in canada. ^.^ Told him he'd better turn in his propane BBQ. Have never gone back there since, damn paintball stores.

Anyway back on topic, I'd try getting some sort of official party involved, if you don't go way of police then atleast find a family member or friend thats a lawyer or pay to get one. Police is probably your best route in this case really, and don't give him the time to just prove that he's an asshat, you've already got a few responses here that paint him a pretty slimy green colour.

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