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Thank you all. I now know that this is a much more widespread issue than I first thought. My original intent, was this. I have 170 acres of land to put towards an airsoft field. I had a sponsor who was willing to front me enough cash to be able to suit up a few teams. The idea was to rent time slots and organize games. In the begining, I was dealing with Seth, he knows his stuff, and treated me and my partner excellent when we went to meet him. I could expect no more from a potential business partner. Unfortunatley fate stepped in he would not be running the store anymore, thats when cory's name came into the pic.

So, here is where I stand right now, I am speaking with a lawyer friend...and have notified Cory that I would drop everything if I recieve my money by weeks end.

If anyone wishes to forward any email conversations re: Items not recieved/lost monies etc, I will provide the following email:

Thanks again everyone. Wish me luck

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